Arthur Pendragon. 23.

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Late Night Drinking || Merlin & Arthur

Arthur stumbled home late that night, later than he meant too, but at the moment Arthur was just too drunk to care. He fumbled with his key for a few minutes before managing to get it into the lock. He unlocked the door, and pushed it open. He took his shoes off and threw his jacket onto his bed, before slumping into his chair. He didn’t feel ready to sleep yet, so instead he turned to his laptop. He tapped his fingers on his desk as he waited for the laptop to turn on. It didn’t take too long before he saw the regular sight that was his laptop wallpaper, it was still on default he hadn’t the time to change it and if he did he wouldn’t know what too. Skype popped up, signing him in automatically, and before he knew it he was looking at his contact list. He was quite surprised to see that Merlin was still on. He’d probably fallen asleep or the something, Arthur rolled his eyes at the screen before calling Merlin.